Foxanna Kasai is a Spellemental protagonist of the show. Her first name is a portmanteau from 'fox' and the feminine name 'Roxanna'. Her last name, Kasai, is Japanese for 'fire'.

Foxanna Kasai

Appearance Edit

She has apricot-coloured skin, red-orange eyes, and orange hair, as well as an orange fox tail and orange fox ears that stick out of her hair (but are attached to her scalp). According to her creator, the fox ears and tail are inspired by a cancelled (?) anime character, Horo from Spice and Wolf, except Foxanna comes with fox features rather than wolf features. She also has a orange star-shaped mole on her right cheek.

She wears a terra-cotta tank dress and burnt-sienna loafers.

Abilities Edit

She can produce hypoallergenic fire and lava without burning herself. In fact, this is what makes her immune to hot temperatures. She can even create a fireball with her tail and even throw things with it! And even just by rubbing her arms or the palms of her hands together, she can make campfires.

Personality Edit

She is energetic and always loves a good adventure. She is ultrasensitive, though, but not as much as Shayla. She is also quite intelligent.

Trivia Edit

  • Foxanna is one of the only two Spellementals that has an animal DNA mixed into her human DNA. The other being Spydria.

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