Hexx Dendo is a Spellemental protagonist of the show. Her last name, Dendo, is Japanese for 'electric' and her first name is pronounced just like 'hex' (noun), a kind of witchcraft. Although she vaguely looks like a witch, Hexx has never considered herself one, but she has a few Power Spellemental Abilities that resemble witchcraft.

Appearance Edit

She has lilac-coloured skin and magenta eyes, white hair and red-violet eye-shadow, which is so natural that she was born with it, as about 26% of female Spellementals are born with a special makeup on their face that is permanently unable to be removed.

She wears a black tank dress and matching black armwarmers and black boots (not like Shayla's).

Abilities Edit

Hexx can hypnotize anyone, which is an extremely rare Spellemental Ability to have. Besides hypnosis, she can also shoot Power Spheres from her fists like a blasting gun, and even create Power Sparks just by snapping her fingers. She has more powers than these, though; they're just hard to explain.

Personality Edit

Hexx is the shyest of all the Spellementals, and doesn't like to be around humans she doesn't know. However, she is extremely friendly! Oddly enough, she enjoys watching television and playing video-games, which is possibly where she gets all her inspiration from.

Trivia Edit

  • Off-topic, but the Power Spellement was originally called the Magic Spellement, but since the Power Spellement is inspired by the Magic Element from Skylanders, it would likely get the series' author sued for using and renaming an element that is not one of her original ideas.
  • Hexx is the second youngest Spellemental of Shayla Kuroba's imagination. The first being Lumi (12).
    • She is also one of the only two Spellementals who has a known full name: Hexagonia (pun from hexagon, a six-sided basic shape). Her parents stuck with naming her Hexx, though.
  • Similarly, Hexx is one of the only two Spellementals, so far, who has a makeup-like birth mark on her face. The other being Wintira.

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