Lumi Meiro is a Spellemental Protagonist of the series. Her last name, 'Meiro' means 'labyrinth' in Japanese. She is a Light Spellemental, whose Spellement Colour is yellow.

Appearance Edit

She has cream-yellow skin, gold eyes, and deep-blue hair with two bulky pigtails.

She wears a white frilly dress, yellow stockings, and black buckle-up shoes.

Abilities / Spellebilities Edit

She is great with ballet, which possibly explains the ballet pose she uses in her picture. She loves to dance, and she can even create Light Hurricanes just by spinning, but is always careful that she doesn't do it automatically. She can even make herself glow in the dark, which can make it difficult for her to sleep well since she would be her own nightlight.

Personality Edit

She is easily distracted, so she has ADHD (no idea what that means, but it has something to do with attention disorder). Above all, she loves to make new friends. She is extremely kind around animals. She rarely plays pranks on people.

Trivia Edit

  • Lumi's real name is short for the term, 'luminous', meaning light, which could possibly where her creator got her name from. Her full name is Luminessa.
  • She is the youngest of all the Spellementals, Spellemental protagonists, and main protagonists.

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