Melodyna Hapu is a Spellemental protagonist of the series. Her last name, Hapu, is Japanese for 'harp', Her first name is inspired by a SONAR software plugin (at least I think it's a plugin), Melodyne, and the pronunciation is very close; it just has the E at the end replaced with a feminine 'A'. She is a Music Spellemenal.

Appearance Edit

She has white skin, like, completely white, purple eyes and pink hair with a bell-shaped ponytail. She also has a deep-pink heart-shaped mole on her right cheek.

For her outfit, she wears a burgundy long-sleeved dress, huge round glasses, similar to Shayla's, as well as mismatching black-and-white stockings and mismatching black-and-white Mary Janes. These are claimed by the author of Yugolachi Town to be inspired by a musical instrument known as the piano.

Abilities Edit

She can play invisible instruments and people will actually be able to hear them! This is also an inspiration, this one from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. She can even sing to control how a person or Spellemental is feeling. Most of these Spellebilities are inspired by the Mythical Pokemon, Meloetta. She can even create music just by dancing or moving.

Personality Edit

Melodyna is extremely curious and loves to write music and new songs, and is always happy to help Shayla when she gets struck by writer's block on a new song -- or even a current one too.

Trivia Edit

  • Melodyna seems to be the only Spellemental who wears glasses.
  • Similarly, she seems to be the only Spellemental, so far, whose most Spellebilities are inspired by a Pokemon, Meloetta.

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