Basic DescriptionEdit

Spellementals (pronoucned: "Spelll-em-en-tulls") are one of the very trademarks of Yugolachi Town, especially the dimension of Skifruma, which is also trademarked. They are claimed by the creator, Shayla Kuroba, to be inspired by the elements from the Skylanders series, only with more elements and possibly more abilities. There are 13 Spellements and their Spellement Colours in total:

  • Fire = Red
  • Mecha = Orange
  • Light = Yellow
  • Music = Chartreuse
  • Life = Green
  • Ice = Periwinkle
  • Water = Blue
  • Undead = Indigo
  • Power = Purple (also called Violet)
  • Air = White
  • Dark = Black
  • Brown = Earth
  • Sparkle = Pink (coming soon)

Of course, these Spellements may be a little too close to the elements from the inspiration, but Shayla is very cautious about her inspiration, so she had to make the Spellement Symbol much different than the elements from her inspiration. For example: The Mecha Spellement is inspired by the Tech Eelement from Skylanders, but without a cogwheel as the symbol, there is a heart with metallic designs on it; Music, however, is not an element found in the inspiration -- it is entirely Shayla's originality. In fact, so are Ice and Sparkle.

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