Spydria Supaida is a Spellemental protagonist of the series. Her last name, Supaida, is Japanese for 'Spider', as she was possibly given that last name for her additional pair of arms. She is a Dark Spellemental

Appearance Edit

She has dark-gray skin (originally known as charcoal, but now that I've thought about it with the picture, it looks like dark-gray now), as well as black hair and red eyes, as well as four arms.

She wears a dark-blue tank dress with a blood-red anime-style tie and ruby-red flats.

Abilities Edit

Like Spider-Man, she can shoot spider strings from her wrists and cling to walls. Like other Dark Spellementals, she can create black smoke-scented mist and bring her own shadows to life.

Personality Edit

She is self-aware of the people around her who could see her four arms, so she doesn't like to go out in public unless Shayla or another Spellemental is with her. The only place she is comfortable about going out publicly is Yugolachi Town. She is ultrasensitive, so she is easily offended when someone insults her extra pair of arms.

Trivia Edit

  • She, along with Foxanna, is the only Spellemental with a special animal DNA mixture.
  • Similarly, she is the only Spellemental with additional normal body parts.
  • Her four arms are inspired by Mesmerelda from Skylanders: SWAP Force. She even seems to resemble more abilities and a small part of personality to the Skylanders boss.

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